Investing in the Stock Market 

- A guide for beginners

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Have you ever considered investing in the stock market? Perhaps you would like to manage your own pension, or start a small portfolio?

Investing in the Stock Market For most beginners, investing in the stock market is a daunting prospect. Where do you start? What stocks do you pick? And then there’s the endless financial jargon…

Before you learn the hard way, download our stock market training eBook – ‘How to Invest in the Stock Market.’

It’s a basic course on the stock market and is full of valuable insights. Furthermore, it shows you how Share Navigator can help you get on the right road to successful investing.

‘How to Invest in the Stock Market’ details:

1. How to create a portfolio of shares which reflects your appetite for risk.

2. Stock market insights which will get you investing quickly, and safely.

3. The Five Golden Rules of investing.

4. How Share Navigator can help you trade sensibly.

Before you start investing in the stock market, read our eBook and make sure that the stock market is right for you!


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